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Joe Griffin Sr. began his Search Engine career in the 1990s working with ecommerce software engineers to create online databases for the public which allowed for retrieving desired URLs for specific product "search terms". Joe quickly realized he could optimize website coding for search engines which relied on the same standard databases. This practice became referred to as search engine optimization.


In an effort to simplify the input process of websites to many databases simultaneously, Joe Griffin created and placed the popular tool "Submitawebsite" online which allowed website owners to send their websites to dozens of Search Engines and Directories using one simple form with just the click of a button. "Submit a Website" became a standard industry term, versions of which would be included on the URL submission page of almost every search engine. Over two million submissions were made through that single application from 1998 to 2000.

As the search media expanded and Google came online, Joe Griffin expanded his expertise in SEO and was approached by the two largest search engines in 1999 and 2000 with regard to suggested submission practices and standards. In addition to offering online submission software, Joe Griffin created a multitude of free analysis tools; many versions which are still widely used to this day. Just as the corporate name Kleenex became the generic reference to "tissues", Submitawebsite became a generic term within the search industry for adding URLs to search engines and it only takes a quick stroll of that term on Google to understand its impact.

Submitawebsite was originally hosted with the now defunct under the name Aeon, Inc. until 1998 when the company officially registered its URL with Network Solutions. Joe Griffin incorporated the name in 1999 and opened an office in Scottsdale, Arizona. Submitawebsite, Inc. quickly became a multimillion dollar Search Engine Marketing agency which was sold to Inc., (Nasdaq:WWWW) in March of 2007 and is now referred to as Search Agency. See reports. Below is a screenshot of the Internet Archive which added to its database in 1999.

"How did the whole Search Engine Placement Industry start?" - Michael Cady, Gutsy Geeks radio talk show"

"Well, I think the discussion of exactly who started it will always be just that, but the practice was mentioned early by the W3 consortium where coincidently Submitawebsite was once named. Other early reputable search engine submission companies (as they were mostly referred to back then) included Bruce Clay, Scott Banister, and a handful of software programs such as Submit Wolf, and WebPosition. Submitawebsite is widely believed to have been the first to advertise "guaranteed first page placement" of websites on search engines and even plastered the search engine logos on its home page in conjunction with that claim; a practice which had my lawyers on the edge of their chairs. But our mailbox overflowed with checks and money orders from all over the world within weeks. Keep in mind it is a matter of SEC record that millions of submissions were made to Submitawebsite. Now having said all of that, I'll wait for the hate mail." - Joe Griffin Sr

"Joe, how did you come up with the idea of Guaranteed First Page Placement?" - Wren Warumz, Trellian/SubmitWolf, New York Jupitermedia Search Strategies

"I'm not sure I like being known as the guy who started "Guaranteed First Page Placement on Search Engines" given how many unreputable companies would later copy and abuse the idea, but I was very confident we could achieve a high enough success rate to easily override any refunds, which were very few. Our client renewal rate approached 90%. Making the claim "Guaranteed First Page Placement" on a third party engine was not a decision made lightly by me or my attorney at the time but I went so far as to actually purchase the URL, "". - Joe Griffin

Google Search Placement
A Submitawebsite pre-Google banner from 1997

Joe was an early editor for the Open Directory Project, (DMOZ), and has been acknowledged by Google as a Google Adwords Expert and is a Yahoo Ambassador.

Joe Griffin Sr's clients have included Turner Classic Movies, JVC, Wells Fargo, Mercedes Benz, and he has generated substantial revenues for hundreds of others through extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, Social Media, Branding and more.

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"Joe Griffin is an expert in search engine marketing which is exactly why I included him in my best selling book"

Jodee Blanco, Author -
New York Times Best Seller

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"Joe will be of True and Significant Value to any Venture that he is associated with. I have known Joe since 2005 and have always found it to be a great pleasure to work with him. I would trust Joe in a Key Position in any Venture to help make it very Successful."

Nathaniel Drake -
Director - iENTRY and Webpro News

"Joe Griffin never hesitated to share his experiences and knowledge with our team."

Juliet Paradise - Thomson Reuters

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